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How does the discussion of female’s masturbation enable self-empowerment?

Masturbation is defined as stimulation for pleasure, but how come when a female is involved, it became something embarrassing and problematic? When we are in the era of promoting freedom and equality, to what extent are we justifying and freeing women’s most basic wants?


It has always been difficult for women to talk about their sexualities even though there is nothing wrong and they should not be ashamed of it. However, the thought of keeping a “dark secret” makes women feeling alone, confused and frustrated, and this could further affect their personal growth, relationships, and social competence. That’s why we are bringing women masturbation to light, sharing stories about success and failure, pleasure and disappointment,


to encourage women taking control of their bodies and gaining confidence to face opportunities and challenges. 


Once women embraced instead of restricting it, they would be amazed by the value of appreciating the most intimate and vulnerable side of them and achieve a better self-image. This is a self-empowerment journey through the exploration of masturbation.

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